Nature’s Beauty: Spring Wedding Trends & Your Long Awaited Day

It’s wedding season! Springtime has long been deemed the time for nuptials galore but just what makes this season so perfect for our soon to be newlyweds? For starters, this is the beginning of outdoor weddings. Couples are able to incorporate nature’s best into their big day. Some couples opt for a traditional church/indoors ceremony while others choose to have both their vow exchange and reception in the open air. Whatever your preference is, there are plenty of ways to incorporate spring’s natural features into your big day! Here are a few examples that may inspire your green thumb and keep a bit of green in your pocket!

Leaf Your Guest Green with Envy

One major trend of spring weddings during 2016, that is sure to continue in 2017, is greenery. Planners and brides alike can’t get enough of greenery décor. Greenery has been incorporated in wedding table garland, draped over ceremony arches, placed on wedding cakes, and has recently begun replacing the bridal boutique altogether. Below are some of our favorite Pinterest pictures that feature greenery in all its glory.

Not only is the wedding décor sprouting, so are aspects of styling and wedding favors. Many brides are foregoing metallic headpieces or flower crowns and finishing off their look with simple greenery touches. Guests are also able to enjoy this trend by taking home some green of their own. Succulents or miniature potted plants have become an increasingly popular wedding favor for springtime wedding guests. However, needn’t fret all you florists, there are still plenty of spring weddings donning all things floral.

A Budding Romance

Another way to bring natural elements to your springtime wedding is through you guessed it… flowers! Yes, they are the traditional wedding go-to but don’t dismiss them just yet. There is still a lot of innovative-ness to behold when adorning your big day with these blossoming beauties. Since flowers are no new element to a wedding ceremony, planners are increasingly finding new and interesting ways to incorporate flowers into the big day that won’t leave guests feeling like they just witnessed a “been there done that” wedding.

Flowers are being implemented in a wide variety of new ways. Flowers can now be seen draped from the ceiling to form flower curtains, grouped in bunches to create flower walls, and frozen in ice cubes to create floral accents in guests’ drinks. Not only are flowers being used in new ways, new flowers are also coming to the springtime wedding forefront. Flowers that were previously not considered a traditional wedding flower, such as baby’s breath and lavender, are finding their way to all the popular bridal blogs. Lavender has even been seen as a more eco- friendly send-off showering as opposed to rice or confetti. Below are examples of our favorite new uses and new flower pairings!

This One is a Moss-Have

If you’re not one for green leaves or flowers then perhaps moss is the must have for your springtime soirée. Though moss can be incorporated into any wedding theme, it is especially popular for southern or enchanted forest themes. Moss has been used to accent décor, placed as table runners, and sometimes has been featured covering furniture itself. Wedding reception chairs or furniture for wedding photographs can be covered in moss to give a more ethereal look to your wedding seating. If you want a lush green wedding, moss may be a natural element you can experiment with. Below are some of our favorite examples, of past weddings that used moss in breathtaking ways!

We hope this post encourages all you springtime lovebirds to make nature a part of your big day. Springtime is the ideal season to bring natural elements into your wedding plans. We won’t scold you for not eating your greens but we may if they are not a part of your spring wedding décor!  You can find more Spring bridal inspiration on our Spring Wedding Ideas Pinterest board


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